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Retail Sustainable Solution

Design Bespoke Luxury Virtually, cut down on waste.
On demand Smart Manufacturing Affordably with High Margin Protection
A. Accessunlimited Textiles (including organic)
B. A.I.Smart Manufacturing to exact customer specifications and measurements on demand.
C.3,000,000 units per month capability : Complex Luxury Garments, 3D Printing, Digital Laser Cutting, Virtual Salon Data driven Order Management.


REWEAR : Have your Bespoke Dress matched with customers of the same size to trade off Items are suitable ,for second-hand sale

REUSE -donate well-worn items to be turned into other products for 10% off next order

RECYCLE- receive 10% off next order for recycling well worn items which are converted into textile fibers and industrial products such as insulation and upholstery.

Designer Level 99.00 10 designs Collection Level 199.00 25 designs Couturier Level (includes consultation,
Garment Sourcing, Manufacturing , drop shipping) 499.00