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Sustainable Luxury Using Virtual Fashion

view and customize luxury dresses on your exact body double instantly

With augmented reality technology

Finding the right Luxury Fit is exhausting!
I hate returning expensive items that dont fit.
I love high fashion and couture but cant afford it.
I wish I could see how Luxury items look on my body before I waste time going to the store.
I wish this dress came in my favorite color
I have a unique body type, but custom clothing is expensive.
I like this dress in the window but the store is closed?
NEstylemaze is the answer for the above scenerios
Personilization. Customization. TimeSaving
Without sacrificing the top quality standards of Bespoke Couture

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  • Bespoke Luxury Customization at a fraction of retail cost
  • All Size Inclusive
  • Smart Price No retail markups No middle man

You help create your Unique Design
Made to exact measurements upon request
Sumptuous Haute Couture Fabrics and Technology Textiles

  • Europes Finest Organic

Handcrafted by Master Tailors or 3dPrinted , Laser Cut SmartManufacturing with Luxury Bespoke Industry Best 2 week order turnaround in record Time

Shop Luxury Bespoke Couture now:

Dresses: Nolahelan.com

Emerging Designers/Fashion Brands /Retail SUSTAINABLE LUXURY BESPOKE REVOLUTION

Design your Bespoke Customizeable Collection
Watch your designs come to life in real time
Using The world’s most sumptuous Organicly Sourced European

  • Cashmeres
  • Silks
  • Cottons

Host you Virtual Collection for Sale on NEstylemaze and all of your sales platforms

All Subscription packages include :

  • Virtual Salon Hosting
  • Access to NEstylemaze Bespoke Marketplace
  • Email Blast to Customers List

Designer Level : 99.00 3 Bespoke prototype designs
Boutique Level :299.00 7 Bespoke Prototype Designs
For Design :

  • Consultation
  • Garment Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • dropshipping

Couturier Level 599.00 15 piece Bespoke Prototype Collection
Retail Level 999.00 25 Piece Bespoke Prototype Collection

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With our Seamless Smart Mirror integration

Window Shopping is now truly that customers can try on and customize new designs from outside store 24hours a day or from the comforts of home with the NEstylemaze Virtual Salon Experience
Monthly Subscription and Virtual Design studio hosting

Designer Level 99.00 10 designs Collection Level 199.00 25 designs Couturier Level (includes consultation,
Garment Sourcing, Manufacturing , drop shipping) 499.00

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